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AFC West Preview - Kansas City Chiefs

Our final stop through the AFC West puts in Kansas City, where Andy Reid has done a marvelous job bringing the Chiefs into relevance year after year. (On a side note, can anyone else see Andy Reid, after he retires, showing up at Arrowhead on game day and just absolutely demolishing some pulled pork or brisket with the fans?) Anyway… Back to football!

Like I said, the Chiefs are relevant every year it seems, and they are only going to get better. Let’s take a deeper dive into the three biggest fantasy football names that reside in Kansas City that can set your team up for success.

Patrick Mahomes

It would not be possible to write this article and leave Mahomes’ name out of it. Once again, Andy Reid took a quarterback early, let him sit for a while to take it all in, and now has his hands on a top five player at the position (much like he did with Donovan McNabb).

Mahomes can literally do it all with his arm, whether it be letting a bomb go 65 yards down field, putting the pigskin in tight window or throwing the ball to a running receiver while looking the other way. Oh, and did I mention that he is a big threat to run the ball to either pick up a much needed first down or to escape pressure?

If he can sustain the success he had in 2018, he may be the most talented QB in the history of the NFL. I see him regressing a little bit from his 2018 campaign, but his year end stat line should be right around 5,000 yds/45 TD’s/12 INT marks. That should easily put him as the QB1 for ‘19.

Mahomes’ current ADP (average draft position) is 3.02 (second pick in the third round) in a 12 team league, and depending how your first two rounds play out, it may be smart to consider him early on in the third if he is still there.

Here are two simple reasons for doing so:

1) Andy Reid loves to throw the ball, sometimes to a fault. He may do so even more in 2019 if the running game stumbles now that Kareem Hunt is gone.

2) Mahomes has an elite group to throw to. Travis Kelce is the best tight end in the game, Sammy Watkins is high end WR2 and Tyreek Hill, when playing, is pretty much unstoppable.

Travis Kelce

The man is a flat our freak of nature. Kelce stands 6’6” and weighs 260 pounds, yet hurdles defenders with ease and can beat defenders in the open field. Combine these intangibles with now being his quarterbacks’ top option, and it’s not hard to see why he is the best tight end in the NFL.

Now in most leagues, the tight end position starts to goe at different spots. In one league, the run could start on them in the late first round, while in the next league it doesn’t start until the third round. The tight end position is usually the hardest to call for that exact reason.

Right now is current ADP, according to Sleeper, is 2.04 (2nd round, 4th pick), which is right about where he should be.

He’s also projected to post a statline of 74/953/9 (that could even be considered a little conservative), which would easily put him in the TE1 spot according to their projections. If you can grab a top end running back or receiver in round one, don’t be afraid to go get this guy.

Damien Williams

Williams is so hard to call for a variety of reasons. While he showed flashes of great productivity in 2018, he only started three games for the Chiefs. Will he be able to replicate the success he had at the tail end of the year and in the playoffs?

To complicate things, Andy Reid and Co. went out and picked up Carlos Hyde who will surely compete for some snaps. If Hyde does well in the preseason, could Andy Reid deploy a RBBC (running back by committee)? After all, Williams has never really had a full time, workhorse type back, role with any team (only has seven career starts).

Expect to see something in between a RBBC (Williams and Hyde) and a true workhouse in the Chiefs backfield. I expect Williams to see cloes to 70-75% of the snaps, which should put him as a really solid RB2 for your team if he keeps up his 2018 production.

In his three starts last year, Williams averaged 5.97 YPC to go along with three trips to paydirt. When you add in his 13 receptions over that time for a total of 119 yards (and one TD), it’s not hard to get really excited about his potential in this offense. If Williams is sitting there in the third round of your draft, pull the trigger on him as your RB2 and try your best to snag Hyde in the later rounds as a really solid handcuff.

Writers Note** I had to leave Tyreek Hill off of this list simply due to the fact that his availability is largely unknown at this point.