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Big Will's Top 12 Quarterback Big Board

It's time for one of the deepest and most interesting positions to rank this season! The Quarterback! There are just so many good QBs this season with some rookies looking to make a leap in year 2 as well as some elite vets looking to return to glory. I think the only other position that was hard to rank outside of Quarterback was Wide Receiver but it also is one of the most challenging. Not to be deterred, I'm diving head first into my Top 12 Quarterback rankings so strap in your seat and get ready for take off!

This bird is ready to go!

1. Andrew Luck - Indianapolis Colts

Talk about a return to glory. After a bit of a slow start at the beginning of 2018, Luck and the Colts offense exploded with the Colts QB throwing for 4,593 yards, 39 touchdowns, and 15 interceptions and finishing the 5th best QB in fantasy last season. Luck has been given even more weapons this season with Jack Doyle returning from injury, a bigger receiver in Devin Funchess being signed in free agency and Parris Campbell being drafted to the team this summer. Luck has a bounty of weapons at his disposal and an offensive line to keep him clean. These reasons make Luck a great option as the top QB on this list.

2. Aaron Rodgers - Greenbay Packers

Aaron Rodgers has always been an elite Quarterback. Last year though, not so much. While he was a bit efficient last season, his production in the touchdown department dipped a bit from the 30+ touchdowns we're used to getting from him the last couple of seasons. With the offensive play calling seemingly going stale under Mike McCarthy, rookie receivers to work with for Rodgers and an oline that was doing it's best turnstile impression, Aaron Rodgers still managed to finish 6th among fantasy Quarterbacks. Now with Matt Lafleur calling the shots now and new offensive tweaks coming to help Rodgers maximize the talent around him, the Packers QB is looking to bounce back this season. Even with the somewhat down year, Rodgers is still a highly sought after QB.

3. Deshaun Watson - Houston Texans

Deshaun Watson is another QB that had to clear his own mental hurdles after returning from injuries of his own. Watson finished 4th among QBs last season in fantasy, threw for 4,165 yards and 26 touchdowns. What makes Watson so valuable in my opinion is his ability to combine his arm and his legs. Watson also rushed for 551 yards (ranked 3rd among QBs) and scored 5 touchdowns on the ground (ranked 3rd among QBs). This is the kind of production folks expect out of QBs like Cam Newton. If you're looking for a dual threat QB, Watson is the man for the job.

4. Baker Mayfield - Cleveland Browns

Baker Mayfield is a Quarterback on the rise. The Browns added Odell Beckham Jr this offseason via trade to go with Jarvis Landry, David Njoku and the rest of the pass catchers in the Browns offense. Mayfield finished 16th among QBs last year but produced a solid stat line despite only starting in 13 games. His 3,725 yards (ranked 17th) and 27 touchdowns (ranked 11th) on 486 attempts (ranked 17th among QBs) are pretty good numbers. He'll have to cut down on the turnovers as 14 ints are a bit up there. But if he's throwing the ball a ton to keep the Browns in games, Mayfield should take the leap to the next level.

5. Matt Ryan - Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan was one of the Top QBs in fantasy last season. He finished 2nd among QBs last year throwing for 4,924 yards and 35 touchdowns on 608 attempts. Ryan reunites with former Bucs head coach Dirk Koetter and has running back Devonta Freeman returning which will five Ryan another option in the short passing game. Another year with Calvin Ridley also helps and Tight End Austin Hooper is expected to add to the passing attack too. Ryan ranked 3rd among QBs in attempts and was ranked 7th and 10th in Deep Ball Attempts and completions. Matt Ryan will your safe choice for QB without having to spend a high pick to get him.

6. Patrick Mahomes - Kansas City Chiefs

Mahomes had a phenomenal year in his first starting season for the team. But to expect him to be able to replicate that season again may be a bit farfetched. Mahomet showed that he belongs in the NFL as a franchise QB and in mock drafts, he's still graded as a first-round level talent at the position. After throwing for 5,097 yards and 50 touchdowns, its to be expected. It's just hard to see him doing those numbers again. With Tyreek Hill possibly being suspended, Damien Williams taking over but a bit unproven, and no other receivers that have proven their worth, Mahomes may have a tougher road ahead this season.

7. Carson Wentz - Philadelphia Eagles

What's said about Carson has already been said. He needs to stay healthy. Carson Wentz had one of the best years in 2017 and had a decent looking year by the numbers before going out with another season-ending injury last year. He threw for 21 touchdowns and still managed to throw 3,074 yards too. Wentz has all the right tools to get the job done for your fantasy team and his 8th round ADP means you won't have to reach to get him by the time you need to draft a QB. Wentz has to stay healthy and there's no getting around that but if you're willing to take the risk, he's the QB to shoot for.

8. Jared Goff - Los Angeles Rams

The Rams sport one of the most prolific offenses in the league and Goff benefits the most from being a part of that system. Goff has plenty of weapons to use in said offense. While some are a bit leary on the status of Todd Gurley's knee heading into training camp, I don't believe folks should be overly concerned with it. Gurley will likely still be used as a feature in the offense even if scaled back a little bit. Goff now has a returning Cooper Kupp as well as a new running back to throw to in Darrell Henderson as well as Robert Woods and Brandin Cooks. These pieces in the Rams offense allowed Jared Goff to finish 7th overall among QBs. If you're looking for a low-risk QB, Goff is the pick to make.

9. Dak Prescott - Dallas Cowboys

Some may be shocked to see his name up here and no I don't have him up here because I'm a Cowboys fan. The simple truth is that Dak hasn't finished below 10th in fantasy since entering the league. With subtle but much-needed changes coming to the offense, another year Micheal Gallup and a full offseason to work with Amari Cooper as well as Randall Cobb and the return of safety blanket Jason Witten, Dak should looks to have a lot more upside than many want to believe. Dak should also be used as a runner a bit more than previous seasons which will add value at an extremely cheap cost (ADP 11.09). If you're not as bullish as I am on Dak, grab him as your QB2. He should be there in the later rounds but don't wait too long.

10. Russell Wilson - Seattle Seahawks

If there's one thing about "DangerRuss" its that you can't count him out. On a run-first team, Wilson still managed to throw 35 touchdowns to 7 interceptions while throwing for 3,448 yards. He's still lethal on the ground but with 2 viable running backs in Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny hauling the rock, Wilson isn't asked to run too much unless its to extend plays. Russell may not have the flashy passing numbers but he can throw it when needed and he's lethal in the end zone. Wilson still is a handful to deal with and that threat of a runner as well as his talent with his arm always makes him a viable fantasy QB option.

11. Phillip Rivers - Los Angeles Chargers

I like Rivers. I really do. He's the new Tony Romo for me when it comes to waiting on QBs to draft in the later rounds. Rivers has always been pretty stable and reliable. He can peter out on you at the worst possible time though like he did the final two weeks of the fantasy season in the playoffs. The plus side to Phillip Rivers is that he has a ton of weapons to throw to. Mike Williams is a red zone threat, Melvin Gordon is a monster out of the backfield and Tight End Hunter Henry is back for a full season after missing nearly all of 2018 with a torn ACL and there's Keenan Allen, the lead dog in the Chargers WR corp. Rivers wants to prove he still has something left in the tank and he's got the weapons to get it done. Rivers will be around in the late rounds if you're looking to wait on QBs. To note, he finished 11th in fantasy last season.

12. Drew Brees - New Orleans Saints

I'm not a believer that Brees is succumbing to father time. I do believe, however, that Brees needs some help out there in the receiving group from any other receiver not named Michael Thomas. The Saints did add Tight End Jared Cook this offseason and he should provide Brees with a safety blanket he's been desperately needing when he can't go downfield to Thomas. He'll need consistency from the other guys out there but Brees cost should be a little cheaper this season and he can be an excellent grab for your fantasy team. Brees still finished in the top 10 last season among QBs last year (8th overall).

Just missed the cut:

Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) - Big Ben should be playing with a chip on his shoulder after what Antonio Brown said about him this offseason. While I'm optimistic that Ben can still get the job done without AB around, the likelihood of there being some kind of drop-off for the Steelers QB is more real than not.

Kirk Cousins (MIN) - I'm not sure what's up with this guy. He seems like he has all the assets to get the job done but tends to shrink up at the worst possible times. It could be that the sudden change of OC's lacked good timing. In any case, Cousins does get Dalvin Cook back and they backed him up with Alexander Mattison. Maybe with a solid run game to help out, Cousins can live up to the contract the Vikings front office gave him.

Jameis Winston (TB) - Yeah I'm drinking the "Bruce Arians effect" Kool-Aid on this one. Jameis hasn't been all bad but he hasn't been all good either. The lack of accuracy on the deep ball and the interceptions have hurt his value over the last few years. Yeah him and Ryan Fitzpatrick combined numbers looked good but that's just it...they were COMBINED. This is more hope that Arians turns Winston into a great QB so I can snag him off waivers if I need him later on in the season.

Tom Brady (NE) - We all know Brady is the best to ever do it on the football field. What some don't want to admit is that Brady is declining a bit when it comes to fantasy production. Brady finished 14th last year among QBs, lost Gronk to retirement, and now has a whole new WR corp to work with this season. Brady could be in for some growing pains early on this season.

Cam Newton (CAR) - Newton has had surgery on his throwing shoulder for the second time in two years. Cam does get back Greg Olsen (who finally had surgery on that stupid foot) and Christian McCaffrey and his passing prowess out of the backfield for another season. DJ Moore will look to take the next step as an NFL WR too. Cam needs to stay healthy and not try to do too much so he can stay on the field.

Thanks for joining me on this QB ranking flight. Be sure, as always, to leave a comment and let us know what you think about the ranking. Who would you put higher or lower? Or maybe take someone out of the list altogether? You can hit me up on Twitter too @IAmHperion_FPH too.