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Dynasty For Beginners

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

This is where the big boys play! But what are dynasty leagues?

Dynasty leagues are leagues that require commitment over multiple years. After the initial startup draft, players will remain on the same roster from one season to the next unless traded or released. After the first initial season, another draft is held, this is for rookies only, meaning respective owners must be in tune with NFL draft prospects from college (Hardcore). I liken the experience of being a dynasty owner,to as realistic an experience of managing an NFL Franchise as an amateur is likely to do.

Now we’ve nailed down the basics let me give you some basic tips that I’ve learned down the years.

Communication Channel. Thankfully most of my leagues are now on Sleeper which has its own built in message chat board. Without a communication channel information can get lost creating unrest between owners. Communication is Key (WhatsApp, GroupMe)

Communication before you trade. Ok now this one gets my back-up. The quickest way to annoy an owner in a dynasty league is to send out random trade offers. Initiate dialogue beforehand, so team needs can be addressed both ends. (I’m not accepting 4 pieces of rubbish for Zeke) Communication is Key!

Check Waivers. Basic right? Waiver pickups win leagues! (Damien Williams)

Take dart throws. Don’t follow the ADP! Follow your own or professional rankings. Take risks on players you like. A potential breakout for me in 2019 is Daesean Hamilton. Risks win championships.

Rookie Draft Picks. Know their value! Rookie draft picks can be used to stockpile future NFL stars, but they can also be used to get your team over the line by using them to trade for veterans and win a championship.

Draft Day. Enter your draft with a key strategy (see below) but be prepared to adjust if the situation calls for it

Learn from players around you. The fantasy football community on the whole is very welcoming. Communicate through social media (we don’t bite)


Zero RB- Ok not literally but avoiding RBs and drafting WRs early is a legitimate strategy. Building the core of your dynasty roster around elite wide receivers is the traditional approach to dynasty drafting. Wide receivers are considered to have more consistency and longevity as opposed to running backs. When the time does come, target committee backs to pad out your roster (James White, Tevin Coleman).

Youth Movement- Exactly what it says on the tin. Many owners will forfeit year one and load up on young talent and rookie draft picks. The thinking behind this is that you could have a powerhouse team for years to come.

Other notable strategies. Late round QB, zero WR. I personally always try and find a balance between youth and veteran players ( I want to win year one) Build a solid base at each position then think about rookies, that’s my best advice.


With dynasty leagues the season never ends, even after the dust is settled and a champion has been crowned. The key to any good owner is always be active. Look out for changes in depth charts, free agency pickups, rookie situations and injured players. An active owner is a successful owner. Not everything you do will pan out. I myself have made mistakes (dropped Pat Mahomes in 2017 to pick up Corey Clement) It's a game of trial and error, but my god it’s fun!

Thanks for reading,

Jack Humphrey