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For the Commish - Three Ways to Improve Your League

If you have been playing fantasy football for a while, you may be experiencing some "league fatigue." Don't get me wrong, you still love fantasy football, you just wish there would be something more.

Or maybe you have played for a while, but you are wanting to start your own league that brings some new and improved ideas to the game.

If you fall into either of these two categories, we have you covered. Here are three ways that you, as commissioner, can either improve your league and spark renewed interest or create a league that people will be dying to join.

Turning your league into an Empire League may be the way to go. In an empire league, you as the Commish, would hold 50% of your league fee until your league has a back to back winner.

So say, for theories sake, your league's entry fee is $20.00 and it is a 10 person league. $10.00 of each league fee would go towards that years league champ, while $10 would be put in the "bank." If it took 10 years to find a back-to-back league champ, that person would end up winning a total of $1,200 between league winnings for two years and the pot building up over the years.

If you'd prefer to not have to hold on to that much money for a long time, you could try mixing regular fantasy football with a daily fantasy football feel by creating weekly competitions. Here's how it works:

Again, the league manager would collect a league fee and keep just a small portion of it to disperse throughout the league to the winners of each weekly competition. So for example, say your league fee would be $15.00 and you had 12 players, the Commish could keep $5.00 of each fee. That would leave $60 left over which would allow the Commish to disperse $5.00 over 12 weekly competitions (easily done through a cash transfer app).

Your weekly competitions could be "the highest scoring team for the week" or "highest point total from starting running backs," among many others. This idea allows for every team owner to have still have a shot at earning some money, no matter how good or bad their team is.

Lastly, implementing punishments for your leagues last place team can do multiple things to improve your league. First, the fear of enduring any sort of punishment, whether it be public or private, is a great motivational factor to stay out of your leagues cellar.

Secondly, the punishment can be a great time for your league. I highly recommend having the punishments done in front of your league. Not much can bring people closer than laughing until you cry as you watch your friend get the worst haircut known to man or watch him eat the most disgusting concoction of food possible.

These are just a few simple ideas that could have a great impact on your league as a whole. Let us know if you use any of these ideas or have any others, we would be happy to share them on Twitter. @FF_Pilots