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©2019 by FantasyPilots.com

Our Flight Plan

You may be thinking “really, another fantasy football website?” However, we here at Fantasy Football Pilots are striving to be everything but just another fantasy football website. We, as a team here at Pilots, are going to be doing everything that we can to help you reach your full fantasy potential, and we are going to have fun doing it in a different style.

So are we “experts?” No, most of us would claim we are not. But we are guys who have a

ton of experience playing the game and have had success doing so. We have league winners, we have guys who have directed teams to multiple top 3 finishes in their leagues.

We have guys who just love "talking shop" with those around us and devote a ton of time to this craft. And really, that’s where the dream for this site came from, the love of the challenge for being successful in the fantasy world.

I think if you ask all of us, most of us would prefer to be talking fantasy football over regular jobs. And because we all have regular jobs and busy lives, you may see some unique content. Time may be tight for some of us, so there may be some articles produced in a 5 Minute Vlog style piece. You’ll have your usual written content and we are also going to be doing some collaboration pieces with each other.

We also hope to add both a podcast and a YouTube channel down the road, possibly in time for the 2019 regular season?

So saying all of that to say this, will there be bumps in the road? Will there be turbulence that we hit with our coverage? You bet there will be, we’ll never get it all right. But we here at Pilots will be doing our dead level best to guide you from your teams takeoff to their safe landing on the champions pedestal, and we are going to be having a blast doing for you, our readers.

Buckle up everybody, we are cleared for takeoff!